The opening | we are preparing for Luogang's first Lexus, and look forward to me

Guangzhou Science City Denker Lexus is located in Ruihe Road,Huangpu town Science City,Guangzhou.The first Denker’s 4S car shop in Guangzhou Luogang. We try our best to improve the Guangzhou local customers for better service experience, to create more excellent Lexus brand dealers.
Guangzhou Science City Denker Lexus is completed by the latest Lexus building standard . Continuing Lexus simple and luxurious style, and equipped with the most professional and most advanced equipment, exhibition, sales, service, survey as a whole.
As a new member of Denker group family, Guangzhou Science City Denker Lexus  not only the excellent product and service experience to bring more love, will make a number be fond of Lexus brand friends feel close to Lexus " Leading future, Explore extraordinary" brand advocate charm where.
Guangzhou Science City Denker Lexus with the rich Lexus brand service experience in professional management as the core, led by strict training and certification system of the team, and strive to the most professional and excellent service to satisfy customer demand Lexus.
Our decades of experience and ingenuity of Lexus automobile service quality product integration accumulates in here, We faith in can let Guangzhou Science City Denker Lexus to become trusted 4S car shop around you.