Exploring and enjoying the nature -- Lexus ecological experience activity

On December 15, 2018, Exploring and enjoying the nature -- Lexus ecological experience activity event successfully ended! Take your child away from the hustle and bustle of the city at the weekend, go to Foshan Botanical Garden.Build an interesting insect hotel with them, and experience the slow life together. Then,You can feel the enlightenment of life science in this beautiful parent-child moment. In here,you are not the accompany guests of children, but the leading role of learning to understand, experience and enjoy nature.
The event invited ecology experts from foshan forestry research institute to lead the team, together with lexus owners, to trace rare plants and insects, and teach natural knowledge. Car owners find the beauty of ecology in the nature, take the nature as the teacher, through the visual, tactile, olfactory and other sensory experiential learning, explore and learn rich natural knowledge, deepen the concept of environmental protection.
Then assembled on the central lawn,using natural material such as dead branches, fallen leaves to DIY insect eco-hotel. Participate in environmental protection to cognition of nature and understand of biology and feeling life.
Foshan Junling Lexus is committed to providing owners with a lifestyle full of passion and texture.So as to feel and enjoy the extremely extraordinary life experience that touches the heartstrings together with the owners.